Hello, World!

Hello World

A Jolie program defines a service. A service achieves complex tasks by composing other services. An example of a very simple service is the following:

include "console.iol"
[email protected]( "Hello, world!" )()

The program above reads as:

  • include the source file console.iol;

  • send the message "Hello, world!" to the println operation of the Console service.

We can already see some characteristics of a Jolie program:

  • we can include other source files by means of the include primitive;

  • the entry point of a Jolie program is the main code block;

  • we can send a message to a service with a native primitive (Line 4).

The last point differs from classical programming languages and is peculiar to Jolie: the [email protected]( "Hello, world!" )() line is a solicit-response statement, which is a communication primitive.

Running a Jolie service

Jolie programs are saved in files named with the .ol extension. For example, we can save the code of the service above in a file called myFirstJolieService.ol. Then, we can run it by executing the following command:

jolie myFirstJolieService.ol

which will print the string Hello, world!.